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Primary Health Clinic extends its services

Feb 24, 2015

Under the patronage Mr. Abd Al Hamid Al Deek, the Acting Governor of the Salfit Governorate, the Marda Primary Health Clinic celebrated the expansion of its facilities. The opening ceremony was attended by of officials of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the Director of the Czech Development Agency, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta, and large number community organizations from the surrounding villages and towns.

The ceremony for the Marda Village Primary Health Care Clinic was held Tuesday February 17, 2015, and included an open house and tours of the new facilities of the primary health care clinic. The facility is housed on the first floor of the Village Council building. "The new nenoatal ultrasound unit will help improve access to quality care for expectant mothers from about seven villages around Marda" said Nasfat Kouffash, the Head of Marda Charitable Association for Development.  Mr. Abd El Hamid Al- Deek The Acting Governor, said "Our government is committed to meeting the health care needs of people in our Governorate, so they can enjoy a better quality of life, even under the harsh conditions under which they are forced to live".

The Director of the Czech Development Agency expressed his satisfaction over the project implementation and success: “Although it has been short time since we signed the Cooperation Agreement, we are pleased to be celebrating the services of the project and witnessing the patients accessing the clinic's services”.

Ambassador Simpson expressed gratitude for the warm welcome, and the hospitality of the participants; he added “without the dedication and commitment of all the stake holders in the Governorate this project wouldn’t be as successful as it is now. The unity of purpose between officials and nongovernmental organizations is to be admired and commended”.  He reaffirmed the commitment of the Representative Office of the Sovereign Order of Malta to continue its service to needy and marginalized communities.

The expansion of facilities for the primary health care clinic is a joint project between the the Czech Development Agency, the Representative Offices of the Czech Republic and the Sovereign Order of Malta, the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Marda Charitable Association for Development.  The clinic is equipped to serve primary health care needs, now incorporating ultrasound scanning.


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