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Limited first edition Order of Malta olive oil from Tantur, labelled, boxed and ready to be shipped

Mar 16, 2016

In November, the Order of Malta harvested the olive grove on its land at Tantur, where the Monastery of St. John of Jerusalem is located. Over the last few months the Representative Office has been involved in a very exciting project, along with non-profit community cooperatives, in the process of turning the pressed olive oil into a consumer product for the members and friends of the Order of Malta to enjoy.

Malta olive oil from Tantur

Today, we labelled and boxed our first year’s limited olive oil batch and we cannot wait to share the results of our beautiful and tasty product. 

We are looking for creative ways to get the olive oil and its message onto the tables of our friends and supporters. If you would like to get involved or have any suggestions or ideas please drop us a note at repofficeramallah@orderofmalta.int

Our olive oil will not be for sale but will be available to members through minimum donations that will go straight into our projects in Palestine, most notably our Dignity Loan Program and the Holy Family Hospital. 

Our Dignity Loan Program provides interest free loans to families of marginalised communities and truly has the ability to change lives. The Program has exceeded and excelled during its first three years and we are continuously looking for ways to extend the Program and its funding to provide a dignified life for more families living in difficult economic situation. 

The Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem is the leading maternity hospital in Bethlehem with the only neonatal intensive care unit on the West Bank. The hospital is one of the global flagship programs of the Order of Malta. The Order also runs an Outreach Program through the hospital´s mobile clinics and serves marginalised communities in the West Bank that otherwise wouldn't have access to health care. The extensive operations on the hospital rely on continuous funding from members and friends of the Order of Malta.

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