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Dignity Loan Program

Diginity LoansAware of the significant economic hardship suffered in parts of Palestine, and with a strong preference to provide the mechanism whereby those in need could be aided to help themselves, in 2013 the Representative Office launched the pilot phase of the Dignity Loan Program, focussed initially on the Salfit region.


In 2014, the success of the pilot phase led to the expansion of the Dignity Loan program to a broader range of projects, and the first external partners joining with the Representative Office to fund expansion of the portfolio.


In 2015, the program further expanded in size and scope, incorporating the Tul Karem Governorate. Projects benefiting from loans continued to thrive, and repais capital was successfully recycled into new loans. 


In 2016, the program successfully passd its thir anniversary, with all loans either succcessfully repaid or current on payments due. The Representative Office intends to further expand the program, and is actively seeking partners to do so.

In consultation with local community partners, situations are identified where a loan, typically with a repayment period of one to three years and attracting no interest, could catalyse a positive economic outcome, such as:

  • a step change in family income;
  • the creation of jobs; or
  • the facilitation of services to the community.

The loan recipients are guided and mentored to ensure the highest probability of a successful outcome, and loan repayments are channelled into the making of further loans in the same community, encouraging a positive feedback cycle.


Potential partners interested in collaborating with the Sovereign Order of Malta in expanding the impact of the program are encouraged to contact the Representative Office.